I just saw my phone case flying out of the car window, irreparably crushed with loud shouts which said, “get out of my car”!! I saw myself in the mirror, ears closed tight with both hands, head bowed down and body shrunken inwards!! Every word after that echoed inside my head hundred times peeping in irresistibly through the closed ears, as if they were howled through one opening of his closed palms to let go through the other one, chin up, in a lustrous steep valley as captured in Bollywood movies. I could see the words circling my head, oh perhaps I stole that from a South Indian movie!! 🎶🎶

Though it’s been an everyday event for a year now, we still believe that every fight and the super-emotional decisions we take in them are so relevant until we wake up into another dawn planning surprises for each other!! Oh but please do not mistake us that we fight for fun. NO!! We could match our ancestors against British, yes we are and were always dedicated to the moment with all pressures associated. I think I had seen me in Jhansi Rani’s attire, once when I turned back dramatically to deliver a master-piece dialogue. I am sure I have. 😎

I have no clue how I could take in, and religiously accept these for no mistakes of mine. But now looking back, wasn’t it that unparalleled confidence in each other that kept us on top in each other’s lives, beyond all odds?? Isn’t it amazing to see the unending willingness to accept beyond faults, accept highly strained fights just because the other one wants to vent out life frustrations for which you are nowhere a reason!! He has a bad day in life and he makes mine too, one such!! Laugh out loud, it definitely sounds crazy. Errr wait, it’s not much fun though🙄But haven’t u been there? The intense amount of pure unused calories invested on these, haha, have been my fitness secret for sometime now!! Shh..💪🏻 Do not think that I like them, Oh No! I feel irritated, I feel hurt. But definitely not ill-treated. The thin-line of respect and disrespect, trust and distrust, and love and hatred, stayed perfectly bold and straight, and never leaned to being on italics. You know, may be that’s were the secret lies. We knew that line. Though unsaid, it was luckily well-knit into us, as a part of growing up.

Adult friendships are complicated, but the intensity of the complications keeps u closer, deeper, senselessly addicted!! The bit of sense in that senselessness, is were I believe, lies our fortune.

So I say, fights are more than okay, if our growing up had been okay💕 Fights are okay, if both the sides know to love beyond intentions. Fights are okay, if we wake up the next day, with not even a tiny part of our heart feeling doubtful, to trust again.

Inspiration: Stories of my ultra-caring hyper possessive, dedicated fighter friends from the US, who fight everyday to conquer each other better. One way of making use of my night-walks and time-zone differences are giving them ears everyday!!




Lover of the Moment.

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Lover of the Moment.

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